How to make others sigh for having your hair

Whether you have a fresh and modern cut, in the purest knott, hipster, center parting or quiff style or a disheveled look with long and wild hair, the most important thing is that your hair is taken care of. Within your gentleman look, one of the most important things to keep in mind is that your hair must be strong, healthy and shiny. There is nothing uglier for a man than a dull, frizzy, dry, greasy or dandruff-prone scalp. Well yes, the same thing happens to his beard… but that’s another story. In today’s article we are going to focus on the steps you must follow to wash and style your beautiful head and achieve the best hair in your neighborhood, without any buts.


First of all, before applying the shampoo, use water for all your hair and give yourself a little massage to prepare the application area while taking the opportunity to untangle any knots. With the help of your fingertips, apply and spread the shampoo to the root, which is where dirt accumulates, and if you have long hair, leave the conditioner for the middle and ends. Make sure that the shampoo is suitable for your hair type or you could get the opposite result, drying or making your hair more oily.


Conditioner makes your hair smooth and glide to prevent tangles and breakage. It is used after washing. Let it act for a few minutes and rinse.


The mask contains more powerful products than the conditioner, generally oils and butters, which penetrate the cuticles more strongly, strengthening the hair from the inside out. After wringing your hair out after the sink, dry it very well with a towel until you have removed excess moisture. Next, detangle the hair, starting from the tips to the root, not the other way around. All hair should be left loose, without knots. Then apply the mask to the mid-lengths and ends, massaging and making sure that each hair is thoroughly impregnated. It is not recommended to apply it to the roots because it would be caked and greasy on the top of the head. When you have finished applying it, hold it on top and wrap it in a towel if you want. You will check the exposure time of the mask depending on whether or how your hair is. Normally it is enough with only a few minutes, but if it is dry or very dehydrated it is advisable to let it penetrate for a few hours, or even overnight. Then wash with plenty of water and dry very well with the towel, and it will be ready until the next application, which will depend on the state it is in. At least it is convenient that you use it once a month.


It’s time to shape and style your hairstyle Depending on its extension, cut and the desired look, it will need more or less skill to be impeccable. We can establish some general guidelines based on your hair type, for example, if it is straight, it will surely be easier to fix and adapt to different possibilities, if it is curly or rough it will be convenient to apply moisturizing pomade often, control your hair if it is very thick and give it volume and thickness if it is thin. Then it will be up to your hairdresser to give it that shape that characterizes your cut or style. Finally, a bit of wax that gives you a natural finish and that’s it.

At Shave Barbers&Spa you can carry out all the appropriate treatments and care for your hair type, so that it looks healthy, shiny and hydrated. We are waiting!