Basics for Men

In our tireless desire to make SHAVE Barbers & Spa your ally in your beard, hair and masculine aesthetics, we are increasingly busy with our online store, where you will find our exclusive products that will help you keep a look like you just came out of our barbershops throughout the summer. The authentic Barber experience should go beyond visits to the store, and with this in mind, why not incorporate into your gentleman’s travel bag a line of products that, in addition to being produced totally free of plastic, recyclable and animal cruelty-free , will allow you to look your best self, every day, no matter where you are. No matter what type of hair, beard or beard utensil you need, we’ve got you covered. Take advantage of each order, with free shipping from €25, and you’ll be on your way to being an elegant man who knows how to look his best on every occasion. If you are still not convinced that SHAVE takes care of every detail in your male routine, today we take a short tour of some of the sections of our online store, as well as our essential and exclusive products for men, almost mandatory for it. First of all, in the hair section, we highlight our shampoo and conditioner based on argan oil, a natural and non-corrosive cleaning to show off shiny hair.

Shape it with any of our pomades and hair waxes, resistant even in the most extreme conditions. Nor can we stop recommending our Fixative Salt Spray for men.

As far as beards and mustaches are concerned, we have developed balms, shampoos, oils and conditioners specifically designed for the exclusive care of the beard. If your beard and hair still share the same products, you may want to read our post and rethink beard care, which we do not take anything lightly at SHAVE. Complement the cleaning products with our basic Beard Kit, to take it with you everywhere this summer, and with the Deluxe Kit for care at the level of a true gentleman, 365 days a year.

Pamper yourself like a king with your own SHAVE shaving cape, evoke the SHAVE experience with our fluffy bathrobes, in which to wrap yourself up after a delicious day at the beach and for the most nostalgic, your own SHAVE ecological brush made with bamboo wood.

But enough for today, for now, we encourage you to see for yourself our online store where you will find new products for men’s care.